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Ham and Eggs Lantana for breakfast

Our good friends have started a gardening group Earth Share Victory Gardening.

Borne out of turbulent economic hardships during COVID-19 social distancing, this group is a friendly therapeutic cooperative with the goals of sharing seeds, seedlings, gardening tips and self-sustaining gardens in place of, or addition to lawns. Making lawns into fruit and vegetable forests, turning lemons into lemonade and sewing the seeds of unity and peaceful tranquility. A new framework of the word victory that is not war-based, but is both international and local in its initiative with punk rock DIY aesthetics. You can teach an old dog new tricks like this special creature, the Ham and Eggs Lantana. 'Ham and Eggs' is a sterile cultivar that has clusters of deep pink flowers with a central pattern of soft yellow blooms with darker yellow eyes. It is semi-woody with stiff stems of pungent, rough textured leaves. Lantana 'Ham and Eggs' blooms from early summer to fall. A hardy perennial, Lantana 'Ham and Eggs' is an heirloom variety that has been passed along for generations in the Southeast and is hardy to at least Zone 7b. Lantana 'Ham and Eggs' prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil. It is drought tolerant once established. Although it is deciduous, we recommend that its stems be allowed to remain up during the winter; cut them to the ground when new growth appears in spring.  A butterfly favorite.

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